New Hardwood Floor

Upgrade Your Home with a Brand-New Hardwood Floor 

Solid wood is timeless. A hardwood floor installed today will last well into the future, and its classic look will never go out of style. When you walk into a home with solid wood flooring, you can tell that the homeowner appreciates quality.

Let our design experts help you bring your wood floor vision to life. Whether you are looking for a classic, solid floor, or want to add a decorative border or medallion, our experts will help design a floor that instantly upgrades the look and feel of your home. Trust Reliable Hardwood Flooring for expert hardwood floor installation and prefinished hardwood flooring solutions in Houston, TX.

Hardwood Design Elements

Exotic Woods

Exotic Wood - Reliable Hardwood Floors

Distinctive exotic woods offer a fresh unique style with long-lasting durability. Choose from the soft subtle clear grain of Cherry Maple to the bold black striping accents and reddish tones of Tigerwood. Your floor will reflect a style that’s all yours!

Medallions & Borders

Decorative medallions and borders are a great way to personalize the floors in your home. Choose from starbursts, nautical designs, and more to give a customized, personal touch to your home!

Wood Staircases

Wood Staircases - Reliable Hardwood Floor

A solid wood staircase makes an imposing impression. Whether you are looking for a spiral staircase, curved staircase, straight staircase, floating staircase, an L-shaped or U-shaped staircase, or any other type of staircase, we can help.

Free Consultations

Our trained flooring technicians can help you choose the right wood and decorative elements to bring out the character and style in your home. We offer free consultations either in our showroom or in your home.

Once your floor is designed, our team of experts will quickly and efficiently install your hardwood floors to the manufacturer’s specifications, so you can rest assured your floors are in good hands.

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